Greek Retreat in Mykonos

Hi lovelies,

I’m back from Mykonos! The Island of sunshine, great music, cool beach clubs delicious food and Europe’s wealthiest and most beautiful people. Keep on reading to find out more about my vacation there and some inspirational tips for your next trip.

Since I was little my parents would take me and my brother on a beach holiday every summer. For years the desired destination was Italy, but with us “kids” getting older we started to travel a bit further away and Greece soon became our favorite country for our vacation. After many summers spent in All-inclusive Family Hotels  we all wanted a change this year and quickly decided on a week in Mykonos as our annual family retreat.


Apart from our first night, which I already explained in this blogpost, we stayed at the Saint John Hotel, a beautiful resort, with an amazing beach and stunning infinity pool. From there we headed to a different beach club every morning after breakfast. Out of all the ones we visited Scorpios is easily my favorite. Honestly it’s probably because I loved their food, but the whole atmosephere is reaaly cool and chilled too. Apart for that, beach clubs I’d also recommend are: Hippie Fish (they also have a great menu including Sushi),  Alemagou and Solymar (and btw they all are a bit less expensive than Scorpios).

In general Mykonos is broadly known for its nightlife. Unfortunatelly a nasty cold kept me from partying , but I enjoyed the nights just as much having  delicious dinners and doing some midnight shopping. My favorite out of all the restaurants we ate at is located close to Little Venice called Mamalouka! All of us loved the atmosphere there and the food was absolutely divine! However, the real high society hotspot and generally the most popular restaurant on the island is Interni. Barely visible from the outside, you enter the restaurant through a tunnel that leads you to the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen in a town center. The waitresses there all look like models and the food was once again absolutely delicious! My personal highlight of that nigh however wasen’t the food, but the shooping afterwards in a Boutique called Maurizio just around the corner of the restaurant. (They sell their own designs exclusively in Mykonos and online, so I was really excited to get something as memorry.)

IMG_5866What fascinated me about Mykonis in paricular, actually wasn’t the glitz and glam itself, but the fact that high society hotspots and original barely touched bays lay side by side. One example is the Fokos Tavern on the north coast of the island were we had lunch once. Our drive alone was very “original” (aka the street was more of a gravel path) and once we entered the rather unknown bay we were welcomed by a herd of goats. That plus traditional Greek food is, what comes straight into my mind when I think of Greece, and it was great experiencing it myself. Apart from that we also went swimming in a very hidden bay, only known by locals. Simply sitting there watching the waves break on the cliff and the sun set was breathtaking calming and one of my favorite memories of this trip.



All together I absolutely fell in love with Greece, once again, and hope to come back soon. Maybe San Turini next year? Who knows… leave me your summer holiday plans and places I might have missed in the comment section below and I wish you a great summer!


PS: A “How to stay fit and healthy during vacation” – post is coming on Thursday, so get excited😘

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