Mykonos – Old Port

Hi lovelies,

There is this saying: When nothing goes right, go left! – well I went to bed on Friday night thinking that all the left corners in the world were not able to make up for the things that went wrong earlier that day. Keep on reading to find out more about our crazy journey to Mykonos and to see how I styled an off the sholder top evening approriately. 


The missfortune started on Friday morning around nine o’clock when we realised that my brothers passport had gone missing, and in order to catch our plane we need to find a solution in the next 2 hours. Luckily there is an emergancy center at the airport that issues passports 24/7 and all four of us were able to get on the plane, thinking that relaxation starts now. However that thought didn’t last for long; when standing at the baggage claim, waiting for my suitcase, my dad suddently shouts out: “Someone just walked off with your suitcase!” Fortunatelly that was a false alarm and a few minutes of shock and horror later, a second purple Rimowa suitecase came down the luggage belt – it was mine!  Upon arrival in our hotel we then had to find out that our room was overbooked and we need to spend our first night in a different hotel. Just to top all of this off, when we were finally on our way to a beach that afternoon, we first walked 20 minutes in the wrong direction before we actually made it to the desired beach club.

Despite all of that, we had a delicious dinner that night, and when we sat down at the right hotel, to have breakfast the next morning, the flops of the past 24 hours were almost forgotten. This whole post and our journey to Mykonos should not seem like I’m always moaning about life, especially because moaning does not get you anywhere in life. I just wanted to let you know that travelling fauxpas just happen, even to the most frequent travelers. The important thing however is, that we shall never loose faith and keep on smiling, because: It will all work out in the end!

What this post really is supposed to be about, is one of the most popular summer trends this season – the off the sholder top – and how I styled it evening appropriately,the other night. To achieve my desired “lots of volume” look without looking like the micheline man, I went with this slightly croped of the sholder top from Topshop. To add another layed of intrest and to balance out the look I added this very structured skirt by Karl Lagerfeld (currently on Sale). Finally, I through on an old pair of Zara heels, grabbed my beloved Stella McCartney bag and was ready to explore Mykonos Oldport.

Have a lovely Sunday guys!


Love, Stella









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    1. That’s so true! Once you actually arrive you can’t even remember the struggle of getting there!! Oh and thank you so much! Happy to here that you like the look! And I sure will check out your blog too!!

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