What to do @Wörthersee + Vegan dining tips

Hi lovelies,

This weekend Klagenfurt will host the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam for the last time. In case you are still debating to go, here are a few all summer around tips on what to do around the lake. Plus I just came back from our yearly vacation there and I can happily say that there is no lake more beautiful than the Wörthersee! (At least not in Austria.)


  1. Go swimming in the Wörthersee: This is a very obvious one, but here is a little inside tip: If your accommodation doesn’t have a beach there are only very few places where you can go swimming for little money. My favourite is the Strandbad Saag. It’s rather unknown and for 7€ a day it’s a real bargain, at least if you compare it to other prices around the lake. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you could also rent a boat at various places around the Lake (the best one is probably in Velden) and explore the lake from the water. Just to be fair I also want to mention one of the most luxurious options: a day pass at the exclusive Beach Club Saag (costs 50€ per day and person), but honestly I’d rather just go there for lunch or a pre dinner drink.
  2. Visit the Pyramidenkogel Tower: Another obvious one, but it is actually worth the trip. You have an amazing view from the top, and the restaurant on the ground level has great pizza and other delicious meals to offer. They even have a delicious spelt vegan pizza on their menu, so what is holding you back?
  3. Get active!: For everyone who loves to ride a bike, I’d recommend the tour around the lake (approximately 40 km long). It’s great way to get moving and explore the area at the same time. For everyone else however, I’d suggest a walk a round a different (way smaller) lake called the Forstsee located between Velden and Pörtschach. It’s a 5.8 km long walk and takes you around a beautiful and absolutely untouched pond just above the famous Wörthersee.
  4. Visit a “Festival” in Reifnitz: Apart from the well known Biker convention the GTI, Reifnitz also hosts a music festival every year, it’s actually more like a concert, but they still like to call it a festival. This year the german artist Cro is performing on the 29th of July and there are still tickets left. I’ve actually been to one of their festivals before, and because this is the only big music event around the lake everyone enjoys it just a little bit more than usual and the atmosphere is really nice!
  5. Last but not least- explore Velden: The town on the exact opposite of Klagenfut is also the one with the most to offer, at least in my opinion. You’ll find one nice boutique after another, and this year a new Pop-Art Gallery opened, to bring a bit of artsy spirit into this vacation destination. Apart from that this village also offers one of the best restaurants around the lake called Seespitz. Upon request you’ll be seated straight on the landing stage next to fancy looking motor boats and the best thing is: they even have a special vegan menu!

That already concludes my Wörthersee guide and I hope you got some inspiration and you’ll visit Austria’s best and most beautiful lake soon!

Love, Stella

PS: Here are a few quick impressions from the lake, and by the way a Summer Lookbook is on it’s way!


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