Strasbourg and the Alsace

Hey lovelies

Strasbourg?!  Yes! This is probably one of the most underrated cities in Europe, at least in my opinion. All I knew about it was that it’s somewhere in-between the German and French boarder and but this town and the whole Alsace definitely have more to offer, as I am still dreaming of delicious desserts and Instagram-wothy streets. So whether you are planning your Interrail route, your next weekend trip, or want to find out what my family and I got up to over the Easter holidays, just keep on reading. As I am currently living in Zürich, a city my little brother had never been to before, it was clear that my my family would come and visit me over the Easter holidays. However after a quick sightseeing tour in Switzerland we already headed  north-west to the sunny (and way cheaper) France. After a 3 hour car ride on good Friday, we arrived in our small, a bit old-fashioned but very cute hotel in central Alsace. And from there our adventurous day trips began.

On Saturday morning, after a more than sufficient breakfast we drove to Strasbourg. In the morning we explored one part of the old town, visited the beautiful cathedral and climbed it’s bell tower. After that we had a delicious lunch and slowly made our way to the famous EU buildings. Just in case you were wondering where all the EU budget went, just go and have a look for yourself. Just kidding, but these buildings are definitely worth the visit. After that we made our way back to the center and obviously did a bit of window shopping too. Although I didn’t buy anything, the variety of shops, cute boutiques and named shopping centres just as Galleries La Fayette  really impressed me.

Sunday was Easter Sunday, so we strolled threw Easter markets and visited the newly opened Unterlinden-Muesum in Colmar. This is a must see for anyone interested in art before the modern era. They also have a great café and exhibit a beautiful tapestry of the world famous Guernica painting by Picasso, so there’s something for everyone.

Ok but now let’s get real, no one would come to the Alsace to look at a tapestry… What this region is really famous for is its wine and hearty dishes. If you are looking for a place to calm down and indulge a little, just like we did, you should definitely put Strasbourg on your hit list! But even without all the culinary pleasures, Strasbourg is always worth a visit, especially in spring and summer, when the city is covered in blooming cherry trees, and the old buildings gloom in the original splendour.

As usual I obviously hope that you spent a wonderful Easter weekend with you loved ones too!





PS: This time I am actually serious: there will be more blog posts coming soon, and I am completely redoing my blog! So definitely stay tuned! XX


Flee markets in Strasbourg
As it was easter we obviously had to light the traditional candel in church…
The view form the top of the cathedral.
Still dreaming about this caramelised pear!
Family assembly under one of the many blooming trees!
Long live the EU! -Infront of the Europeen parliament.
Colmar streets.
Inside the Unterlinden Museum.
Long live the easter market.
And last but definitely not least: my childhood and adult dream combined in a coffee house carrousel.


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