Sundays Summary – 48 hours in Vienna

Hey lovelies!

Instead of boring you with how much I love my job in Zürich and how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity to work here, I thought I’ll just tell you a bit about the weekend I’ve just spent in my hometown, Vienna. And ok, yes the title is a lie… If you want to be precise it was even less then 48 hours, but I spent this limited time with so many great people, that it felt like a whole week!

On Friday, after leaving a meeting with a French IT company early, I quickly grabbed some food, and headed towards Zürich HB (the main train station.) Another 8 hours and a lot off business E-Mails later I already arrived in Vienna. It wouldn’t be me, if I hadn’t gone out for a drink with Denise the same night.

And that packed schedule stuck with me throughout the whole weekend…

Saturday morning started with a lab-visit, and afterwards I had a super nice Birthday-Brunch with the two, soon to be nineteen-year-olds, Ippi and Christiane, as well as Anna, who came all the way from London! Afterwards I headed to our Tennis club, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the opportunity of a training session with my dad and his trainer. In the afternoon I met my favorite of all Terrys and as usually it was so much fun to catch up and ramble about the good old times. After all that awesome friends time I just really needed some family time too, so that’s what we did in the evening. Mummy cooked my favorite dish and we played a game together, and this time we even managed to keep the usual fighting and drama to an acceptable extend.

On Sunday I started the day the only way it should be: with an amazing breakfast! (Even banana protein pancakes were involved.) Then I met Lisa and went for a walk with her and her cute little dog, who actually isn’t that little anymore and already so much better behaved than when I saw him last time. Daddy and I even squeezed in a driving session, before heading out for lunch with my grandparents. After that it was already time to pack up my stuff again. I wouldn’t have left the city without a Starbucksdate with Denise♥, so that’s what we did in the late afternoon. Afterwards I just quickly grabbed my things and said goodbye to “mummy perfect” and “above us all” Benedikt. Luckily daddy drove me to the airport, where we said goodbye and three hours later I found myself back in my room outside of Zürich.

All together I absolutely loved my weekend trip and seeing so many people I love! For me, travelling is where I get all my motivation, inspiration and energy from. That’s why I’m already so excited for my next trip (in 6 days). So stay tuned for that!

Love you loads and until my next post



Home office on the train.
Afterwork drinks with Denise
Birthday- Brunch perfection❤️
Food+friendship love 2.0
On my way back again…

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