Sunday’s Summary – My first week in Zürich

Hey Darlings,

Sorry again for being so absent over the last few weeks, but I hope now in Switzerland I’ll get back into the habit of posting more regularly. Anyways, this week was my first week working in Zürich, and I really wanted to share with you, how it went.

Last Saturday mummy and I went straight from Lech, where we spent our skiing holidays, to Zürich. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the hordes of pets, I now live with. Afterwards we had a really nice dinner at the only restaurant in my new hometown.

On Sunday mummy and I visited a small village at the Zurichlake and went on a walk there. In the afternoon my god aunt Xandi/Alex and her family came back from their trip and we all had a delicious dinner together.

On Monday, after waving my mummy goodbye I started working. After work I met Sarah and Caroline, who visited  in Zürich and we had a little Canada reunion.

So far I really can’t complain about my workplace! Having a Starbucksmachine is only one of the peaks of working in a big office. I have super nice colleagues and even my tasks are really interesting! On Tuesday and Wednesday I already attended meetings and on Thursday I even went to Bern. Apart from that I already found a nice Pilates Studio just 5 minutes from the office. During the class I attended on Thursday I sadly had to realise, how weak some of my muscles are. However, for the first time in my life, I am really motivated to get into doing Pilates on a regular.

On Friday after work I met Sarah and Annina in the city and we visited the Swiss music awards together. The highlights of the night were, apart from taking a selfie with DJ Antione, seeing Sido and Calvin Harris perform.

Saturday morning Xandi, Andrea (her husband) and I went to the farmers market and took the dogs for a walk. In the afternoon we drove to Zürich and met another Austrian Swisscom employee. And at night I went out with Sarah and Annina again.

And today, on Sunday, Xandi and Andrea took me to a skiing resort nearby and we went for a walk with the dogs again. Later some of Xandis friends came over for dinner and we just relaxed a bit.

All together I am slowly adapting to my new life here. However, I am really looking forward to spending next weekend in Vienna.

Hope you had a good week too, and looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you soon!



Dinner with mummy:))
And a last walk with my mummy ❤
Canada Reunion
Business Trip to Bern
Bringing back a bike to this factory


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