Toronto & Niagara Falls

Hey loved ones!

So the day finally arrived… I am writing a blog post in English! Before I will get into how amazing my last weekend was I’ll just quickly explain why and how I even got here.

As most of you now, did I graduate from secondary school last summer and had to figure out what my next step in life would be. So after a time of confusion and cluelessness I decided to take a gap year, in order to improve my language skills and gain experience before I will start University next autumn. And this is why I am currently attending a language school here in Montréal.

However last Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada which meant no school and made it possible for me to get out of town and see other parts of Canada. So we (Sarah, Ana, Julia and I) booked a trip to Toronto and the Niagara falls and spent an amazing weekend there. And we couldn’t have gone there at a better time, because last weekend was the Indian summer, which meant warm temperatures and autumn leaves.

So here it was: Saturday morning, quarter to six, my alarm ringing, and I had to get out of bed. After I simply putting on some cloths, which I gladly prepared the night before, and grabbing my suitcase, I headed still half asleep towards the bus station and simply slept for the first few hours of our trip.

Then at around 11 o’clock we arrived at Lake Ontario, one of the superior lakes. Still in Canada we took a cruise to see the famous 1000 Islands. (The 1000 Islands is a gathering of privately owned island close to the coastline and all of these islands are home to some of the most beautiful summer houses I have ever seen.) After taking way to many pictures we sadly had to return to the bus and continued our journey.

Several hours and a lunch break at Tim Horton’s later; we finally arrived in Toronto, the largest city in Canada with over 5 million inhabitants. So Allie, a really nice Swiss girl we me on the bus, Julia and I took our chance and went to the top of the CN tower (which is actually even taller than the Empire State building). From the top we had a great view of the city and could also look down to the ground, through the famous glass floor. Unfortunately we were still two hours of driving away from our accommodation for the next two nights, which lead to an incredible sunset in the bus, a surprisingly delicious late dinner in an American diner and going to bed early and totally exhausted.

The next morning we got up at a 8 o’clock to have a nice breakfast before we would board our second and last boat to get as close to the Niagara falls as possible. Being only a few meters away from such a huge and impressive natural world wonder  was an incredible experience. I realized once more, the amount of power our mother nature has and how little we are next to it, especially when I got totally wet, although I was wearing one of these sexy plastic raincoats.

Afterwards we quickly changed into dry cloths and took the bus to Niagara on the Lake. (This is a very small, but equally charming village not far from the Niagara Falls, which reminded me a lot of the UK, and is totally worth the visit if you should ever be around the area.) On our way there we stopped a few times to see the beautiful nature, watch white-water rifting boats and take some pictures. Because it was already lunchtime when we actually arrived at Niagara on the Lake, all of us simply bought some stuff in a supermarket. Afterwards we went to a beautiful park, where were had an equally delicious and picture-worthy pick nick in the sun. Full of energy we then went on to explore this cute town and even managed to get some free tastings of the local specialty: Ice-wine.

Later in the day Allie, Sarah and I decided to go for a small pre-dinner walk to the falls to watch the sun set. Afterwards we went back to our hotel and had dinner before heading out again to explore the town. And at this point I have to explain something: if you thought that the Niagara falls are the only attraction this area has to offer then you were far of… Just on the other side of the street are numerous restaurants, bars, haunted houses, casinos and everything else your heart might desire. However after having bought a lot of candy and souvenirs we decided to return to our room, because all the “fun stuff” is from 19 onwards anyways, at least in the state of Ontario.

On Monday morning we had to leave the hotel quiet early again, in order to see all the main hot spots in Toronto. After another one and a half hour bus ride we walked around the few really charming areas Toronto has to offer. First we strolled through china town, which is about ten times bigger than the one in Montréal, and then we walked around Camden market, which really reminded me of the namesake in London. Afterwards we had an hour of free-time to go shopping in the most famous shopping center in Toronto before it was time for some last pictures and to leave this really welcoming and fresh city.

And although the bus rides were horrible and strenuous, and we hit traffic on our way back; this was by far the best weekend I’ve spend in Canada so far, with the best roomies I could have wished for.

Love you all loads and miss you, xxx


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